Calling all Chefs

& Foodies alike!

We sit down with the good people of Indonesia’s F&B Industry and talk about current topics, life stories, tips and tricks. Often accompanied with good food and drinks.

Giving deep insights into the most pressing issues in the F&B industry, introducing the talented people who work in the professional kitchen, inspirational stories of Indonesian F&B entrepreneurs, encompasses a wide range of modern issues, from examining the latest trends to the challenges of running F&B businesses.

What We Do

Featured Content

Regular Podcast

Candid conversations with People of the F&B industry, discussing latest trends in culinary, culture, lifestyle by sharing stories, and knowledge to inspire everyone.

Cooking Show

A fresh and detailed cooking program makes the conversation more interesting, and engaging. Sharing detailed product and/or recipes, while engaging in stimulating conversation.

Travel Show

Visiting famous establishments, legendary eateries and traditional markets to explore the rural areas looking for indigenous local products of Indonesia.

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